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Dr. Amr Asker Biography Currently Dr. Asker is a lecturer in orthodontic department in DTMD university-Luxembourg for orthodontic post graduate studies. • Dr. Asker joined orthodontic department at Donau university- Austria where he hasgotten his first master degree in orthodontics after that has became a member ofEurope orthodontic society at London, then he finalized a second master degree inPeriodontics that helped him a lot to combine orthodontics with Perio & implantbranches. • -He earned oral-maxillofac...

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11:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center

01 Dec
Austria, Vienna

Simply ortho conference

19 Oct
Argentina , Buenos Aires

FDI – Argentina , Buenos Aires

02 Oct
Austria, Vienna

Simply ortho conference (Hands-on)



I'm a post graduate student of orthodontics in a very remote area of india. Here we have lot of patients but a lack of exposure. You are my guru. I follow you relifiosly because you are my inspiration. I look at your cases and aspire to do better. Your presentation is spot on, photography soothing but most importantly your mechanics are simple to understand and make a lot of sense. Thank you again

First of all those who make Ortho such a taboo are criminals Thank you Dr Amr Asker and ur great team for delivering a fantastic course ,The content was coherently illustrated , very eligible to put it directly in practice and very relevant to me both personally and professionally It was an enjoyable course

A knowledgeable person, very generous teacher ; eager to teach people never keeps it to himself only as others do, A motivating person who pushes people to know more and be better ; always keeps telling inspirational quotes in his lectures and even collected it in a small book and gives it out as a graduation gift from his valuable course for motivation to be our partner along our learning journey! Deserves to be unique and a lot are following him! And stays behind scenes a supportive respectful team very helpful stays around always to get us satisfied. So thankful to you Dr. Amr asker! Wishing you best of luck and eager to learn more from you not only as an orthodontics specialist but also as a motivator and inspiring person! Hope to keep it up as you are a role model to a lot professor

My honour dear Dr .. can't express my gratitude for the amazing efforts of you and entire Asker team .. hope to meet you in future events soon

We are proud to be one of ur student DR .

I am very happy to attend the course of Dr. Amr for orthodontics, everything is very wonderful and excellent organization and scientific interest is very high

I came to attend the course of Dr. Amr Asker, the benefits of the course practical, knowledge and useful in the business and also the management of dental center

I am thanking allah that he made me attend the course of Dr. Amr Asker in early time because I am a fresh graduate of the 2016 and my advise to all dentists to attend this course as soon as possible

That's the first time I visit Egypt to attend a course. I am very happy for what I get from the information and expertise help me engaged in the field of orthodontics

I would like to thank Dr. Amr Asker for the wonderful effort and the beautiful explanation and because he give us all information also he do alot of activates before the lecture and permanent tests

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